In this webinar, Mike Ryan, Product Manager, 3E Technical Services will demonstrate the multiple ways a user can pull SDS with GHS classification. 3E Online gives our users the capability to customize SDS where GHS classification has not been provided. Allow us to show you how our GHS customization and location documents allows for our clients to have a complete compliance package when running into inspections or questions related to your companies implementation of GHS.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • GHS dashboard – allows for up to date statistics on your location or entire catalog
  • GHS classification and labels – 3E provides the SDS along with labels that can be customized
  • Customizing your MSDS to SDS – 3E provides our clients with the tools to updated MSDS to SDS with the appropriate GHS classification
  • Regulatory Documents for Training – Never have training or sign off sheets lost again by saving the appropriate documentation to your location within 3E Online.
  • How can 3E help?

On Demand Webinar:
GHS Compliance and 3E Online