In this webinar, you will gain practical guidance and updates on the regulatory landscape of GHS in the US and Canada.


  • GHS in the US - Hazcom 2012
    • Milestones past and future
    • OSHA Interpretation letters since HCS 2012 became law
    • General takeaways – what does the compliant SDS and Label look like
    • Impact of now arriving Supplier SDSs
    • Remaining issues of concern with the reg as written – complexities, inconsistencies, ambiguities and gaps
    • Training and retraining of workers
    • Enforcement efforts by OSHA – whom, what, when and why
  • GHS in Canada – WHIMIS 2015
    • Deadlines for Canada’s implementation
    • Transition efforts
    • Items lost/gained with their adaptation of GHS
    • Significant differences with Hazcom 2012
    • Why not a single SDS for US/Canada
  • How Can 3E Help

    On Demand Webinar:
    What to Expect Next for GHS in the US and Canada